SunWise Essential 2 CI Canadian Bond Segregated Fund (formerly SunWise Essential 2 CI Signature Canadian Bond Segregated Fund)


As at 2022-01-18


Management fee (%)


Fund codes

Investment Class 75/75: ISC 22103 Capped
Estate Class 75/100: ISC 22403 Capped
Investment Class 75/75: DSC 22203 Capped
Estate Class 75/100: DSC 22503 Capped

MER (%)

As at 2021-06-30


Total net assets ($CAD)

As at 2021-12-31

$2.93 million

Risk rating

  • Low
  • Low to Moderate
  • Moderate
  • Moderate to High
  • High



Management team

John Shaw

Vice-President, Portfolio Management and Portfolio Manager

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James Dutkiewicz

Senior Vice-President and Head of Fixed Income

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Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies, is the sole issuer of the individual variable annuity contract providing for investment in Clarica and SunWise segregated funds. A description of the key features of the applicable individual variable annuity contract is contained in the information folder. SUBJECT TO ANY APPLICABLE DEATH AND MATURITY GUARANTEES, ANY PART OF THE PREMIUM OR OTHER AMOUNT THAT IS ALLOCATED TO A SEGREGATED FUND IS INVESTED AT THE RISK OF THE CONTRACTHOLDER AND MAY INCREASE OR DECREASE IN VALUE ACCORDING TO FLUCTUATIONS IN THE MARKET VALUE OF THE ASSETS OF THE RELEVANT SEGREGATED FUND. Please refer to the Legal section of for additional information.