CI Tech Giants Covered Call Fund

Series A CAD

Fund overview

The fund’s investment objective is to provide unitholders, through an actively managed portfolio, with (i) regular distributions, (ii) the opportunity for capital appreciation by investing on an equal weight basis in a portfolio of equity securities of at least the 25 largest technology companies measured by market capitalization listed on a North American stock exchange, and (iii) lower overall volatility of returns on the portfolio than would be experienced by owning a portfolio of securities of such issuers directly, by employing a covered call option writing program. The issuers included in the portfolio, which are based on their market capitalization, may be adjusted based on the portfolio advisor’s view on the liquidity of the issuers’ equity securities and their related call options.

Fund details

description of elementelement value
Inception date February 2023
CAD Total net assets ($CAD)
As at 2024-05-30
$4.4 million
As at 2024-06-18
MER (%)
As at 2023-09-30
Management fee (%) 1.60
Asset class Sector Equity
Currency CAD
Minimum investment $500 initial/$25 additional
Distribution frequency Quarterly
Last distribution $0.2796

Risk rating1

  • Low
  • Low to medium
  • Medium
  • Medium to high
  • High


A ISC 2120
DSC SO* 3120
LL SO 3020
F 4120
I 5120
P 90122
*No new purchases directly into switch only funds.

Performance2 As at 2024-05-31

Growth of $10,000 (Since inception date)

growth of 10k graph

average annual compound returns

YTD 1 Mo 3 Mo 6 Mo 1 Y 3 Y 5 Y 10 Y Inception*
9.55% 3.50% 0.20% 15.42% 32.85% - - - 43.88%
*Since inception date

Distribution history3

Payable date Total
2024-03-22 0.2796
2023-12-28 0.2434
2023-09-22 0.2575

Management team

First we'll display the Team Company and then the Team members
George Lagoudakis

CI Tech Giants Covered Call Fund

Series A CAD
Portfolio allocations4 As at 2024-05-31
Asset allocation (%)
  • US Equity 96.87
  • International Equity 3.00
  • Cash and Equivalents 0.13
Sector allocation (%)
  • Technology 95.14
  • Telecommunications 4.76
  • Cash and Cash Equivalent 0.13
  • Mutual Fund 0.05
  • Other -0.08
Geographic allocation(%)
  • United States 96.95
  • Ireland 3.00
  • Canada 0.13
  • Other -0.08
Top holdings
Sector (%)
1. CI Tech Giants Covered Call ETF (TXF) Exchange Traded Fund 99.93%
2. Cad Cash Sweep Cash and Cash Equivalent 0.04%
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