CI Galaxy Multi-Crypto ETF


Fund overview

The ETF's investment objective is to provide holders of units with managed exposure to certain digital assets as selected by the Manager, using a rules-based, momentumsignaling strategy.

Fund details

description of elementelement value
Inception date January 2022
Total net assets ($USD)
As at 2024-07-23
$4.1 million
As at 2024-07-23
Market price
As at 2024-07-23
MER (%)
As at 2023-12-31
Management fee (%) 0.50
Units outstanding
As at 2024-07-23
Asset class Alternative Other
Currency USD
CUSIP 17165B100

Risk rating1

  • Low
  • Low to medium
  • Medium
  • Medium to high
  • High

Investor suitability

For those who:
  • want exposure to digital assets, including but not limited to bitcoin and/or Ether
  • want capital growth over the long term
  • can tolerate high risk

Performance2 As at 2024-06-30

Growth of $10,000 (Since inception date)

growth of 10k graph

Calendar year performance

annual performance graph

average annual compound returns

YTD 1 Mo 3 Mo 6 Mo 1 Y 3 Y 5 Y 10 Y Inception*
21.39% -7.84% -15.01% 21.39% 59.02% - - - 6.70%
*Since inception date

Management team

First we'll display the Team Company and then the Team members
Galaxy Digital Capital Management LP
Galaxy Digital Capital Management LP is a diversified investment management company with a team of long-tenured institutional experienced professionals managing third-party capital across traditional and alternative asset classes, with strong relationships and connectivity in the digital asset, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology sector.
Paul Cappelli

CI Galaxy Multi-Crypto ETF

Portfolio allocations3 As at 2024-06-30
Asset allocation (%)
  • Cash and Equivalents 76.02
  • Other 23.98
Sector allocation (%)
  • Cash and Cash Equivalent 76.02
  • Other 23.98
Geographic allocation(%)
  • United States 76.02
  • Other 23.98
Top holdings
Sector (%)
1. CI Galaxy Ethereum ETF US$ ( ETHX.U) Exchange Traded Fund 12.03%
2. CI Galaxy Bitcoin ETF - ETF US$ Series (BTCX.U) Exchange Traded Fund 11.95%
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