Total net assets ($CAD):
$71.18 million

Asset allocation

Geographic allocation

Sector allocation

The top 15 holdings make up 78.33% of the Fund.
Underlying fund allocations Sector allocation (%)
CI Enhanced Government Bond ETF (FGO) Fixed Income 21.50%
CI Global Investment Grade ETF C$ Ser (CGIN) Exchange Traded Fund 11.37%
CI Enhanced Short Dur Bond Fd (FSB) Fixed Income 4.49%
CI U.S. 1000 Index ETF - Unh (CUSM.B) Exchange Traded Fund 4.49%
CI Intl Quality Di Gr Ix ETF NH (IQD.B) Exchange Traded Fund 4.35%
iShares S&P/TSX 60 Index ETF (XIU) Exchange Traded Fund 4.12%
CI Emerging Markets Alpha ETF C$ Series (CIEM) Exchange Traded Fund 3.96%
CI U.S. Quality Di Grw Ix ETF NH(DGR.B) Exchange Traded Fund 3.92%
CI Munro Alternative Global Growth ETF (CMAG) Exchange Traded Fund 3.65%
CI Auspice Broad Commodity Fund Hedged (CCOM) Exchange Traded Fund 2.84%
CI Alternative Investment Grade Credit ETF (CRED) Exchange Traded Fund 2.84%
CI Canada Qual Div Grw Ix ETF NH (DGRC) Exchange Traded Fund 2.75%
CI Canadian Short-Term Aggr Bond Index ETF (CAGS) Fixed Income 2.70%
SPDR Bloomberg Emerging Markets Lcl Bnd ETF (EBND) Fixed Income 2.69%
iShares 20 Plus Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) Fixed Income 2.66%
Top holdings Sector allocation (%)
CI U.S. 500 Index ETF - Unh (CUSA.B) Exchange Traded Fund 4.15%
Canada Government 3.25% 01-Dec-2033 Fixed Income 3.72%
United States Treasury 4.38% 15-May-2034 Fixed Income 2.60%
CI Money Market Fund Class I Mutual Fund 2.57%
Simplify Mbs Etf Other 2.35%
Canada Government 3.00% 01-Jun-2034 Fixed Income 2.24%
United States Treasury 4.63% 30-Apr-2029 Fixed Income 1.89%
Gold Bullion Other 1.41%
Cad Cash Sweep Cash and Cash Equivalent 1.26%
United States Treasury 4.63% 31-May-2031 Fixed Income 1.10%
Canada Government 3.50% 01-Mar-2028 Fixed Income 0.94%
United States Treasury 4.38% 30-Nov-2030 Fixed Income 0.94%
United States Treasury 4.50% 31-May-2029 Fixed Income 0.90%
Canada Government 1.50% 01-Dec-2031 Fixed Income 0.69%
United States Treasury 4.88% 30-Apr-2026 Fixed Income 0.69%