Total net assets ($CAD):
$84.34 million

Asset allocation

Geographic allocation

Sector allocation

The top 15 holdings make up 47.48% of the Fund.
Top holdings Sector allocation (%)
iShares MBS ETF (MBB) Exchange Traded Fund 11.37%
CI Alternative North American Opport ETFU$(CNAO.U) Exchange Traded Fund 8.70%
Usd Cash Sweep Cash and Cash Equivalent 8.20%
United States Treasury 4.00% 15-Nov-2052 Fixed Income 2.95%
VanEck Semiconductor ETF (SMH) Exchange Traded Fund 2.40%
NVIDIA Corp Computer Electronics 1.86%
United States Treasury 4.13% 15-Nov-2032 Fixed Income 1.77%
Microsoft Corp Information Technology 1.61%
Alphabet Inc Cl C Information Technology 1.47%
Broadcom Inc Computer Electronics 1.39%
United States Treasury 4.50% 15-Nov-2033 Fixed Income 1.32%
United States Treasury 4.00% 31-Jan-2029 Fixed Income 1.27%
Apple Inc Computer Electronics 1.06% Inc Retail 1.06%
Coca-Cola Co Food, Beverage and Tobacco 1.05%