Investor suitability

For those who:

  • want short-term bond exposure to minimize interest rate risk
  • are primarily concerned with volatility reduction and income generation
  • want to receive regular monthly cash flows (if any)
  • can tolerate low risk

Fund overview

The Fund seeks to provide absolute returns through interest income and capital gains and its risk objective is to have very low volatility and positive returns over any twelve-month period. The Fund will primarily invest in debt instruments across the credit spectrum including cash, government debt, investment-grade corporate debt, high-yield corporate debt, government debt futures, convertible debentures and credit derivatives. The Fund’s strategy will primarily focus on U.S. and Canadian corporate bonds and will include the use of government bond futures to manage the duration of the fund according to the volatility objectives. To minimize interest rate volatility, the Fund would typically target an overall portfolio duration of less than 2 years.

Fund/ETF Facts (2024-05-31)

Inception date


Asset class

Global Fixed Income

Income distribution



Toronto Stock Exchange

Minimum investment


Growth of $10,000