Investor suitability

For those who:

  • Wish to generate a higher periodic yield than a portfolio of fixed income, but are not willing to take on the risk level of Canadian equities;
  • Have a long-term investment horizon;
  • Are seeking capital appreciation to supplement their current income; and
  • Are prepared for a low to medium level of investment risk.

Fund overview

The Fund invests predominantly in Canadian debentures that are convertible into equity of Canadian issuers, investments of convertible debentures of non-Canadian issuers as well as fixed income instruments and equities. The Fund may invest up to 30% of the net asset value in convertible debentures of non-Canadian issuers. No more than 20% of the Fund's net asset value will be invested in equities as a result of any conversions and fixed income instruments, other equities and cash. At the Fund Manager's discretion, the Fund may be invested entirely in cash or cash equivalents.

Fund/ETF Facts (2024-05-31)

Inception date


Asset class

Canadian Fixed Income

Income distribution


Minimum investment

$500 initial/$100 additional

Growth of $10,000