Investor suitability

For those who:

  • want a diversified fixed income portfolio that aims to generate consistent income with low volatility over a credit cycle
  • are investing for the medium and/or long term
  • are seeking an investment which can utilize borrowing, short-selling, leverage and derivatives where appropriate to either maximize returns or mitigate negative returns
  • can tolerate low-to-medium risk

Fund overview

The Fund seeks to provide income with low volatility over a market cycle regardless of market conditions or general market direction, by primarily investing in both debt instruments across the credit spectrum and cash/cash equivalents. The Fund’s active management seeks to provide income while targeting low correlation to equity and traditional income.The fund will use leverage. The leverage will be created through the use of cash borrowings, short sales and derivative contracts. The fund’s leverage must not exceed three times the fund’s net asset value. The leverage will be calculated in accordance with the methodology prescribed by securities laws, or any exemptions therefrom.

Fund/ETF Facts (2024-06-28)

Inception date


Asset class

Alternative Credit Focused

Income distribution


Minimum investment

$500 initial/$25 additional

Growth of $10,000