Investor suitability

For those who:

  • want to receive dividend income
  • are investing for the medium and/or long term
  • can tolerate low to medium risk

Fund overview

This fund invests in securities that generate a high level of dividend income and preserve capital.

Fund/ETF Facts (2023-08-31)

Inception date


Asset class

Canadian Dividend

Income distribution


Minimum investment

$500 initial/$25 additional

Growth of $10,000

CI Prestige Pricing – Automatic discounted pricing

CI Prestige Pricing fee reductions apply to management fees and start at $100,000.

Investment amount Net Management Fee
$100,000 and above 1.425%
$500,000 and above 1.390%
$1,000,000 and above 1.300%
$2,500,000 and above 1.220%
$5,000,000 and above 1.100%

Please refer to Simplified Prospectus Part A for more details on CI Prestige Pricing