Total net assets ($CAD):
$126.44 million

Asset allocation

Geographic allocation

Sector allocation

The top 15 holdings make up 69.86% of the Fund.
Top holdings Sector allocation (%)
CI Investment Grade Bond ETF (FIG) Fixed Income 11.93%
CI Enhanced Government Bond ETF (FGO) Fixed Income 8.86%
iShares S&P/TSX 60 Index ETF (XIU) Exchange Traded Fund 4.98%
CI Marret Alternative Enh Yield Fund ETF C$ (CMEY) Exchange Traded Fund 4.40%
CI Munro Alternative Global Growth ETF (CMAG) Exchange Traded Fund 4.40%
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Bond ETF (JNK) Fixed Income 4.19%
CI Short Term Gov Bond Ix Cl ETF (FGB) Fixed Income 3.76%
CI 1-5Y Lad Gov Strip Bon Ix ETF (BXF) Fixed Income 3.76%
CI MStar Intl Value Index ETF (VXM.B) Exchange Traded Fund 3.63%
CI Enhanced Short Dur Bond Fd (FSB) Fixed Income 3.43%
CI Emerging Markets Alpha ETF C$ Series (CIEM) Exchange Traded Fund 3.41%
iShares iBoxx $ Invest Grade Corp Bond ETF (LQD) Fixed Income 3.40%
iShares Core MSCI Europe ETF Exchange Traded Fund 3.31%
SPDR Barclays Capital Emerging Markets Govt Bd ETF Exchange Traded Fund 3.29%
iShares Russell 1000 Value Index ETF (IWD) Exchange Traded Fund 3.11%
Asset allocation

International Equity 14.88%

Canadian Equity 14.20%

US Equity 13.37%

Canadian Government Bonds 11.88%

Foreign Corporate Bonds 11.38%

Cash and Equivalents 9.99%

Canadian Corporate Bonds 9.75%

Foreign Government Bonds 7.79%

Other 4.73%

Commodities 2.03%

Geographic allocation

Canada 43.22%

United States 31.85%

Other 12.44%

Multi-National 4.37%

United Kingdom 2.13%

Japan 1.93%

Cayman Islands 1.15%

France 1.03%

Germany 1.02%

Switzerland 0.86%

Sector allocation

Fixed Income 40.79%

Other 14.34%

Cash and Cash Equivalent 9.92%

Financial Services 9.01%

Exchange Traded Fund 6.42%

Technology 4.69%

Basic Materials 3.94%

Consumer Goods 3.69%

Consumer Services 3.67%

Energy 3.53%