Investor suitability

For those who:

  • are seeking income and long-term capital appreciation
  • are seeking to reduce sensitivity to interest rate fluctuations
  • are seeking exposure to global investment grade credit and active credit trading strategies
  • are seeking consistent returns over the market cycle
  • are seeking an investment which can utilize borrowing, short-selling, leverage and derivatives where appropriate to either maximize returns or mitigate negative returns.
  • can tolerate low-to-medium risk

Fund overview

The fund seeks to generate consistent positive total returns with an emphasis on capital preservation and low correlation to traditional equity and fixed income markets. The fund will be primarily invested in the investment grade debt of corporations and financial institutions in the developed world.

Fund/ETF Facts (2024-06-28)

Inception date


Asset class

Alternative Credit Focused

Income distribution


Minimum investment

$500 initial/$25 additional

Growth of $10,000