Total net assets ($CAD):
$3.24 million

Asset allocation

Geographic allocation

Sector allocation

The top 15 holdings make up 98.52% of the Fund.
Top holdings Sector allocation (%)
CI Canadian Bond Fund Class I Fixed Income 16.99%
CI Select Canadian Equity Managed Fund Class I Mutual Fund 15.83%
CI Income Fund Class I Mutual Fund 15.53%
CI Select International Equity Managed Fund Cl I Mutual Fund 15.35%
CI Select U.S. Equity Managed Fund Class I Mutual Fund 8.37%
CI DoubleLine Total Return Bond US$ Fund IC$ Mutual Fund 7.24%
CI Japan Equ Idx ETF Non-Hgd (JAPN.B) Exchange Traded Fund 3.93%
CI Enhanced Short Dur Bond Fd (FSB) Fixed Income 3.76%
CI Munro Alternative Global Growth Fund Series I Mutual Fund 3.32%
Ci Private Market Growth Fund (Series I Mutual Fund 2.98%
Cad Cash Sweep Cash and Cash Equivalent 1.19%
CI Global Healthcare Leaders Idx ETF-Unh (CHCL.B) Exchange Traded Fund 1.12%
Ci Private Markets Income Fund (Series I) Mutual Fund 1.04%
Ci Global Artificial Intelligence Etf Exchange Traded Fund 0.94%
CI Energy Giants Cov Ca ETF Uhg(NXF.B) Exchange Traded Fund 0.93%