Total net assets ($CAD):
$77.51 million

Asset allocation

Geographic allocation

Sector allocation

The top 15 holdings make up 34.76% of the Fund.
Top holdings Sector allocation (%)
United States Treasury 4.13% 15-Nov-2032 Fixed Income 4.56%
United States Treasury 4.00% 15-Nov-2052 Fixed Income 3.62%
Microsoft Corp Information Technology 3.18%
Usd Cash Sweep Cash and Cash Equivalent 3.18%
United States Treasury 3.63% 31-May-2028 Fixed Income 2.53%
Ci Private Market Growth Fund (Series I Mutual Fund 2.52%
Alphabet Inc Cl C Information Technology 2.22%
United States Treasury 4.25% 31-May-2025 Fixed Income 2.19%
NVIDIA Corp Computer Electronics 2.03%
United States Treasury 5.00% 31-Oct-2025 Fixed Income 1.96% Inc Retail 1.95%
Eli Lilly and Co Drugs 1.49%
Shell PLC Oil and Gas Production 1.17%
AstraZeneca PLC Drugs 1.11%
Freeport-McMoRan Inc Metals and Mining 1.05%